Outer Rim

The Outer Rim Territories

The Outer Rim is the name for the expansive territory on the outer reaches of the Galaxy.

Compared to the Galactic Core, it is a wild and anarchic area, where the Empire is less willing to use its coercive force to bring order and stability. As such, many of its systems are governed by crime lords or simply lawless.

The vast distances also make the spacer king. The greater sparsity of of hyperlanes means that it takes a long time to travel from one place to the next. This makes Outer Rim worlds more isolated from galactic society. Small freighters are frequently the only source of off-world goods and conversation. It also means that the savvy and megalomaniac Hutts wield extraordinary levels of power.

There are, of course, exceptions like Eriadu that sit at the confluence of several trade routes that bind the Outer Rim to the more civilized parts of the galaxy. These systems have become surrogates for the core, being hubs of commerce and interstellar political control.
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Outer Rim

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