IHV compound

The Imperial HoloVision compound in Eriadu City is an impressive double-tower with three turbolift shafts and a central pillar housing what the blueprint says is the transmission accelerator coil.

The compound is surrounded by force-field surrounded grounds with corporate armed guards patrolling the area. A two checkpoints on either side of the perimeter field allow access with cleared identification.

The South Tower houses the corporate IHV offices while the Northern Tower houses the production and technician departments. The ground floor of the former houses a luxurious lobby on the ground floor where accounts managers meet with advertising customers, while that of the latter has large bay doors for receiving of materials. Doubtlessly the massive power generators required for broadcasting the Holonet signals are buried beneath the buildings.

The Bridge Level allows access from the corporate tower to the transmission pillar, and the octagonal security station located below the network computer housing on the Transmission Center Level.


IHV compound

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