A hyperlane, also known as a hyperroute, hyperway, hyperspace route, hyperspace lane, spacelane, or trade route, is an area of space that has been deemed safe for hyperspace travel. The largest are known as super-hyperroutes.

Hyperlanes are routes through space in which a spaceship could safely travel without colliding with a body in space, or some other phenomena such as a black hole. There are about eight major routes in the galaxy, with hundreds of secondary routes and thousands of minor ones. Scouting new hyperspace routes is an incredibly dangerous task for an explorer.

In many parts of the galaxy hyperlanes also involve periodic re-entry into realspace. This is so as to manually maneuver the ship towards the next hyper-point. It is in these spots that pirate raids are common. The Galactic Empire and other governments often seek to lessen this threat by constructing deep-space platforms at hyper-points. Mine fields and probe droids are also deployed. This is, however, much more common in The Core than in more oulying territories, such as the Outer Rim.

Ships passing through hyperlanes continually collect sensor data that is stored with a ship’s transponder. When docking at a spaceport, the sensor data is uploaded to the Bureau of Ships and Services to update their database of moving masses that may endanger space travel.

The super-hyperroutes are:

  • The Rimma Trade Route, is a major trade route than ran from the Abregado system in The Core to the Kathol sector in the far Southern end of the Galaxy on the Outer Rim, bordering the yawning void of extragalactic space.
  • The Perlemian Trade Route is a vital trade hyperroute that, along with the Corellian Run, made up the border of a part of space known as The Slice.
  • The Hydian Way is the only hyperlane that crossed the entire galaxy. It starts in the Corporate Sector in the Galactic Northeast and, like the Corellian Trade Spine, ends in the Terminus System in the trailing part of the Galaxy.
  • The Corellian Run – Starting at Coruscant, this hyperroute loops around the Deep Core, goes through Corellia, and continues on to pass through the Christophsis system (not far from Tatooine) before terminating near the distant Outer Rim world of Rothana.
  • The Corellian Trade Spine begin at Corellia and heads in the direction of Duro. It eventually passes by the Greater Javin before tapering off at Terminus, where it meets the Hydian Way.


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