Eriadu City

Eriadu City is the capital and primary port of call in the Eriadu System and the Seswenna sector.

It contains:
- the Seswenna Sector Bank,
- Seswenna Hall,
- the governor’s official palace,
- the private mansions of the sector’s governor and lieutenant governor
- the Tarkin Memorial Conference Center, and
- the Eriadu City Naval Base (Imperial Navy)

Governor’s Palace
More importantly for our adventurers, it also contains a regional broadcasting center for Imperial HoloVision (IHV), where it seems that Tennak Aelt was heading when he was murdered by his own protocol droid. At least, he was discovered with blueprints for the IHV compound.

Additionally, Eriadu City is the home of The Sevens Tapcafe and the Bol Square Lounge.

In terms of transportation, the downtown spaceport is excessively expensive to land in, given that docking fees can amount to 2,000 credits. Other options are landing on the outskirts of the city, at the Moonflower Spaceport, for 200 credits or on the planet’s moon for 150 credits. The former requires a 4-hour mass transit ride into the city, whereas a shuttle from the moon takes 5 or 6 hours, depending on circumstances.

Eriadu city2

Eriadu City

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