The Eriadu System

Eriadu was the intended destination of the Niobe after it escaped from Annaj. It’s capital and primary port of call is Eriadu City.

Eriadu is the primary world in the Seswenna sector, and one of the Outer Rim’s most active trade centers. It sits on the intersection of several hyperspace routes, including the Rimma Trade Route, the Hydian Way, the Lipsec Run, and the Yankirk Route.

As an industrial world that produces computer technology and manufactures including droids and textiles, its surface is full of dirty industry and waste zones that pollute its atmosphere, land and sea.

Despite its location far from the Galactic Core, it pretends to be as cultured and important as any Core world, and is sometimes (albeit sarcastically) called ‘Coruscant on the Outer Rim’.
250px eriadu
Incidentally, it lies just a single 4-hour hyperspace jump away from Sullust, the native homeworld of Captain Humb Vree’s species.


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