The Annaj System

Annaj, also known as Cannij Barr, is a planet in the Annaj System and is the capital of the Moddell Sector. Located along the intersection of the Spar Trade Route and the Houche Run it has a strategic location of being the only system with a hyperroute leading out of the sector. All ships entering and leaving the sector must pass through the Annaj System.

While being in a backwater part of the galaxy on the Outer Rim, the system has been enjoying good economic conditions in recent months, owing to many Imperial technicians visiting the system on leave. Rumor has it that they have been working on an undisclosed construction project in a nearby location.
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In the past week, an Imperial fleet of Star Destroyers occupied the system, interdicting any ships coming, going, and passing through, subjecting them to intense scrutiny before permitting passage. The blockade is being facilitated by Interdictor-Class Star Destroyers that are preventing any unauthorized ships from entering hyperspace. Any transports attempting to get out of range of the gravity wells they project have been destroyed by TIE-fighters. The Imperials are serious about enforcing the blockade.

A fair number of the Star Destroyers have berthed at the orbital spacedock facilities and are rumored to be undergoing extensive repairs.


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