CEC YT-1760 Transport


The Niobe, or ‘The Nasargiel’, as it is presently known according to its forged transponder code, is a light transport ship built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation(CEC), model YT-1760.

As the CEC’s smallest transport, it is a cramped ship that can technically house eight passengers, but even the four beings and two droids that it is presently housing make for a tight fit, especially on long journeys. Thankfully, its sublight speed (8) and fast hyperdrive (x1) make those journeys shorter than they would be on most transport vessels.
As is common with Corellian ships, it is very versatile and customizable. This particular ship is fitted with a front-firing double laser cannon, that can be linked to the pilot’s or to the navigator’s controls. It also sports rudimentary ray shields to protect it from enemy weapons.

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